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Human Resource Services

We supply our Manpower on hourly basis for various types/categories for Industries as per their requirements. Our Manpower includes various categories like Skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers. We have more than 500 workers currently working under our sponsorship. We will meet all the required and all legal matters for our work force.


Our Technicians and workers are sought after, for their technical skills, hard work and the ability to work under any difficult conditions. Bringing together the organizations that needs such workers for better production and the pool of good skilled workers has been successfully bridged by the services provided by AL DEEWAN .We do feel that there is ample scope for us to work for you to fulfill your needs in manpower. If necessary we can meet, discuss and finalize other terms and conditions to our mutual business interests. We can assure you of complete satisfaction with our style of operation, confidentiality as well as with fruitful results.

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